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Form of the Professor


Short curriculum Vitae

Scholarship in geothermal exploration: 1985 at Unità Geotermica Nazionale-ENEL-Pisa. Military service: 1986 in the National Fire Corps. Alma Mater: 1987, degree in Geological Sciences at Sapienza University of Rome. Ph.D.: 1992, in Earth Sciences at Sapienza University of Rome. Employment following Ph.D.: 1991-2002, Sapienza University of Rome, researcher in Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrology (DB03); 2002-2015, Sapienza University of Rome, researcher in Geochemistry and Volcanology (GEO-08); 2015-ongoing, Sapienza University of Rome, Associate Professor in Geochemistry and Volcanology (GEO-08). International  mobility and fellowship: 2011, visiting researcher presso Un. of Melbourne (AUS); 2014, invited Researcher presso Un. of Göttingen (Germany ); 2017, fellowship" presso la Charles University of Praha (CZ). Main fund raising: 1998 to 2019, principal investigator of research projects funded by Sapienza University of Rome; 1999, 2005, 2009 and 2017, participant of  PRIN (Progetti di Ricerca di rilevante Interesse Nazionale) projects; 2005 to 2007, national coordinator of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia -Dipartimento di Protezione Civile (INGV-DPC) project:(V3_1 Colli Albani); 2005 to 2007, local investigator of the INGV-DPC project (V3_1/01"V3_1 Colli Albani); 2009 to 2011, principal investigator of the  Vigoni project Petrogenesis and magma resident times of active Italian volcanoes-an in situ oxygen isotope study; 2014 to 2017, local investigator of the National Program of Antarctic Research (PNRA) project (How climate changes and crustal thermo-mechanic variations interact in driving East Antarctic glacial evolution since late Cenozoic?).



  • 1987 - Degree in Geological Sciences at Sapienza University of Rome.
  • 1988 - Master in Engineering Geology organised by Regione Lazio.  
  • 1992 - Ph.D. in Earth Sciences at Sapienza University of Rome.


Professional experience

  • 1991 – 2015: researcher at Sapienza University of Rome.
  • 2015 – ongoing: associate professor at Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Earth Sciences, geochemistry and volcanology section.



Research Topics

  • Geochemistry and volcanology
    Stratigraphy and geochronology of Pleistocene volcanic districts of Central Italy; geochemical characterization of products from Italian and worldwide distributed volcanoes; origin and evolution of K-magmatism of the peri-Tyrrhenian region; main field work areas are: Colli Albani volcanic district, Sabatini volcanic district, Vulsini volcanic district, Etna, Stromboli, Colo volcano (Una-Una island, Indonesia), Yasur volcano (Tana island, Vanuatu).
  • Igneous and metamorphic petrology
    Petrology and geodynamic significance of Late Palaeozoic magmatism in the Varisican terrains of Sardinia (Italy); geochemistry and petrology of thermometamorphic rocks:  skarns, hornfelses and metagranites.
  • Experimental petrology- Phase equilibria experiments at high-pressure and high-temperature conditions on alkaline igneous rocks; experiments on the magma-carbonate interaction; high-pressure and high-temperature measurements of electrical conductivity in basaltic rocks.

Study areas
Colli Albani volcanic district, Sabatini volcanic district, Vulsini volcanic district, Vico volcanic district, Volsci Volcanic field, Campi flegrei, Vesuvio, Etna, Stromboli, Colo volcano (Una-Una island, Indonesia), Yasur volcano (Tana island, Vanuatu), Sardegna


Institutional roles

  • 2014-ongoing: member of the Monitoring Commission of the faculty of Sciences at Sapienza University of Rome. 



  • Member of the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth Interior.
  • Member of the Italian Association of Volcanology.

Active Research Project 

  • Principal investigator of the university project (medium size) on the solubility of H2O and CO2 in the alkali basalts and the effect of CO2 flushing in the volcanic activity.  
  • Participant of the Research Unit (Rome-Sapienza Scientific Responsible D. Palladino) within PRIN-2017 "Fucino Tephrochronology Unites Quaternary Records (FUTURE; Coordinatore G. Zanchetta).  


Editorial Activities

  • 2001 – today: reviewer for Journal Petrology, Lithos, Bulletin of Volcanology, Frontiers, Minerals, Journal Iberian Geology.
  • 2019 – today:  member of Editorial Board of “Italian Journal of Engineering Geology and the Environment”




  • Enviromental Geochemistry (III year-I semester of the degree in Enviromental Sciences).
  • Introduction to the Vulcanology  (III year-II semester of the degree in Geological Sciences).
  • Experimental Magmatology and Vulcanology  (II year; Ii semester of the Master Degree in Exploration Geology).


PhD projects tutoring

  • Equlibrio e cinetica delle migmatiti di bassa pressione del complesso igneo del Gennargentu (Sardegna centro-orientale). PhD student : Dott. Valeria Misiti (XVI° cycle). 
  • Magma differentiation in shallow, thermally zoned magma chambers: the example of Sabatini Volcanic District (central Italy). PhD student: Dott. Matteo Masotta (XXIV° cycle).
  • Petrology of cumulate and skarn rocks from Colli Albani Volcanic District: implications on magma-carbonate wall rocks interaction. PhD student: Dott. Di Rocco Tommaso (XXII° cycle). 
  • Ultrapotassic lava flows from Colli Albani Volcanic District shed light on the origin and differentiation of calcite-bearing magmas. PhD student Dott. Fernando Gozzi (XXV° cycle).
  • The architecture of the magmatic feeding system of the Campi Flegrei Volcanic District: constraints from experimental petrology. PhD student: Serena Granati (XXVIII° ciclo).
  • Clues on the origin and differentiation of primitive arc magmas: the coarse grained, high-Mg basaltic enclaves of Capo Marargiu (Sardinia, Italy). PhD student: Vanni Tecchiato (XXX° ciclo).
  • Kinetics of clinopyroxene crystallization and dissolution at deep crustal levels in the primitive alkaline magma. PhD student: Barbara Bonechi (XXXIV° ciclo).


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Citations: 2251; h-index 30 (from Scopus May 2021).



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